WC-X  model WC-X model
WC-X model is spesial for WC racer !!
WC model WC model
WC model is cheeper than WC-X.!
Rollers are made by injection.
STEP is nomal. Shaft is no cover.
But it 's enough for nomal racer.
This is new model of this year special for [WC-X].
WC model is same of last year.!
WC-X side rollers WC-X main rollers WC-X side rollers and main rollers
This is made by NC automation machine.
Special form is [Round] form, colleri is black.
WC model is same of last year ,injection making and coller is white.

WC-X shaft WC-X shaft
This is coverd with nickel.
So very smooth!!
WC shaft is only nomal, not so bad.
Guard Guard
Both model not inclused guard.
If you need them,
Front is 2000JPY
Front and rear 3500JPY!
Leisure Sports model Leisure Sports model
Leisure sports moder is best for Grass ski bigner.
Under 73cm length are highest only 11cm(nomaly 12cm),
so turn is very easy.
And only 4 rollers in 1 element so speed is nomal.
Price is very cheep.

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